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5 Ideas for Your Olathe Basement Remodel

If you’re itching to turn your unfinished basement into a space that will feel more like the rest of your home, but you’re not quite sure what you want yet, listen up. In the next few posts, we’re going to dig into a few ideas that are popular across the nation. This doesn’t mean that you have to follow others as you design your space. Actually, the opposite is true: looking at what others have done can help you see the unique additions or designs that can turn your basement remodel from standard to stand-out.

A Few Easy Ideas for a Basement Remodel

1. An easy way to think of your basement remodel is to make it an extension of the rest of your home. How would you configure the space if it wasn’t hidden away underneath the “main space?” How would you tie the spaces together to make them feel consistent?

You might even recreate what you currently have. For instance, maybe you want an open family space with a small kitchen; but you want that small kitchen to include a bar (alcoholic or coffee). Maybe you want or need more bedrooms to accommodate a growing or extended family.

Thinking of your basement as just another floor of your home, you can add living space without starting from scratch.

2. Or, you could go the opposite direction. Are you dying to experiment with a new layout or design concept? Like a sparkly concrete floor or an art studio, for instance? Maybe you want a sauna or a workout room.

These are examples of spaces we don’t normally see in a person’s home. Sometimes that’s because you need all the space available for a family’s day to day; but other times it’s because the idea is just too “out there” to make sense. But anything is possible in a basement space. Get creative, go wild–nothing’s off limits! (Except maybe ideas that don’t measure up to code, but that’s why we’re here!).

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Your Basement Remodel: Think Outside the Box

3. You might consider turning your basement into an oasis for family and friends. If you have loved ones you’d like to see more often but they don’t visit because of hotel or other lodging expenses, you might consider turning your basement into a space that will entice them to visit.

Think about what you’d want in a temporary home: easy access to a bathroom with a shower and bath? A luxury tub, maybe? Or a library with comfy chairs and a coffee or tea station so they can unwind?

No matter what your loved ones would like in a home-away-from-home space, we can help you build it.

4. The world might not be your stage, but your basement could be! If you love listening to music and dancing, consider a dance floor as part of your basement remodel. Or, if you’re a musician, think about adding a stage. Or both: a stage and a dance floor!

It might sound extravagant, but pursuing hobbies and doing things that bring joy are keys to happiness. Having a space that nurtures your interests and hobbies can be a godsend when life becomes challenging; and having a space to share with others who lift your spirits is, too.

Creating a basement space that caters to your interests, no matter what those interests might be, isn’t frivolous. It’s attainable.

Stress-Free Basement Remodel Ideas

5. Or, you might want to just keep things simple. Instead of creating a space designed for one particular thing, you can create an open space that will accommodate many things. An open, comfortable space with the right furniture will give you and your family room to relax, watch TV or movies together, sleep, read, play board games…the options are as open as your imagination, especially when your space is flexible.

Stay tuned for more ideas, coming soon! In the meantime, if you’re ready to talk about your Olathe basement, reach out. We’d love to help. 

Is Your Olathe Basement Ready for a Remodel?

Is Your Olathe Basement Ready for a Remodel?

If you need ample storage space in your home, an unfinished basement can be a godsend. But if you’ve thought of using that space for things other than storage, you may have wondered if remodeling your home’s basement is worth the cost and hassle. 

While every homeowner will have unique circumstances that factor into the decision, there are some common considerations that every homeowner should consider. Keep reading to learn more about the questions you should ask if you are considering a basement remodel project.

Why Do You Want A Basement Remodel?

The first question to ask yourself is: why? Another way to ask this is: what would you rather your basement be? 

The possibilities for what you can remodel your basement into are endless. Do you want an extra bedroom? A gorgeous laundry room? A movie room or game room? A soundproofed music studio? A gym? A yoga space? A library or writer’s den?

A basement remodel can truly be “bonus” space that reflects your interests and personality or it can simply add more living space. What’s important will vary from homeowner to homeowner.

The important thing to do is to put words around what you’re looking for. If you say “movie room,” does that mean a place for a cushy sofa and a wall-mounted big screen or does it mean theater seats and a projector that turns an entire wall into a screen?

Being as specific as you can with your “why” can help you determine the cost and timeframe of your project.

What’s Most Important In Your Basement Remodel?

If your primary motivation for remodeling your basement is to cater to your unique interests, your project will likely be very different in scope and execution than if your primary motivation is to increase your home’s resale value.

On average, a remodeled basement project will offer a return on investment of 75 cents for every dollar you spend. But that’s an average. If you build something very unique—like a music studio, for instance—you might limit the number of buyers who are interested in your home when you’re ready to sell. 

Determining what is truly important will help you prioritize your basement remodeling project. It will also help you explain to your contractor what your goals are and how they can help you achieve those goals.

Who Can Help You Remodel Your Olathe Basement?

Sure, there are lots of arguments for DIYed basement remodels. You might save some money in the beginning by doing the work yourself. You might even have a good time learning how to do things (if you don’t know already) and then spending evenings and weekends bringing your vision to life.

But think hard before you decide to go it alone. Have you thought about the city or county requirements for construction or remodeling? Do you understand why certain materials (hardwood flooring, for example) shouldn’t be used in a basement? Are you well versed in safety codes, escape plans, and the like? 

Working with an Olathe basement remodeling professional can take all those worries off your plate and allow you to focus on enjoying the process. If you’re curious about how we can help you turn your unfinished basement into the space of your dreams, give us a call!