Design Your Ideal Pool With Us! Make Your Backyard a Haven

Summer is almost here; it comes with the urge to spend time outside. What else do you want if you have a pool in your backyard? A swimming pool is a great idea to spend quality time with your friends and close ones while giving a perfect getaway from the scorching heat. Yet, not all swimming pools are built the same.

Do you want to design and build an ideal pool for your backyard? Here's where we come in. Huston Constructing Inc. is Olathe’s pool builders company with five decades of expertise in creating a beautiful pool for your houses. Every backyard needs a haven-like pool that is both gorgeous and useful. To help you get your property aesthetically pleasing, we work closely with our customers to build their dream pool a reality!

Planning A Pool? Here’s What You Need To Know

Choosing appropriate materials is one of the most important components of designing a pool. Concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl are materials used to make a pool. With our experts’ guidance, we help you pick the best materials as per your budget, backyard space, and design choices.

Another important factor to note is picking the appropriate features when planning your pool. A pool is not only a place to swim, but you can do a lot more. You can transform your pool into a haven with multiple attractions such as waterfalls, lights, and fire effects.

After a hectic day, everyone deserves an unwinding relaxation with the help of a great haven, what we call a swimming pool. A swimming pool is a great addition to your backyard if carefully designed and installed. We, Olathe’s pool builders, believe that everyone deserves a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing pool and we are more than happy to help you make it a reality!

Services Huston Contracting Inc. Caters

Creating Custom Pools

Huston Constructing Inc. is the best Olathe pool builder giving the best inground gunite and vinyl liner swimming pools. We accept personalized quotations that include all amenities you choose to have in your pool. We give you endless possibilities for shape, size, depth, color, features, equipment, and enjoyment.


We equip high-quality pool care products for maintenance. Superior quality pool products will help you maintain the cleanliness, safety, and lifespan of the pool. We provide a full-service parts section with components and accessories for our clients. We are available every day to assist you with pool-related concerns.


Finally, if you want to create the ideal pool for your backyard, go no further than our staff. We're committed to designing the ideal pool for you, and we'll work with you every step of the way to make your dream pool a reality. You can rely on our design experience and dedication to quality to build that is both attractive and useful. Contact us now to begin creating your perfect pool.