4 Ways to Improve Your Olathe Landscape Without Too Much Maintenance

We all want a stunning looking landscape. If you invest a lot of money into your home, you want it to look good. You want your Olathe landscape to pop. You want that improved curb appeal.

While a stunning landscape is desired, we don’t want to spend all weekend, every weekend working on it. Too much maintenance is never fun. You want your Olathe landscape to look good without a ton of maintenance.

4 Ways to Improve Your Olathe Landscape Without Too Much Maintenance

At Huston Contracting, we get that. While our staff loves to work on your Olathe landscaping projects, we know you just want to relax most weekends. A landscape that requires a ton of maintenance is not the dream.

You want a landscape that looks great without a ton of maintenance. Well, we know how to give you just that. Here are four quick ways to improve your Olathe landscaping without too much maintenance!

  • Stones For Days

Stones don’t require much maintenance at all. You can use them to build Olathe retaining walls or to cover yard space and create a pathway or resting area. Once you’ve created the pathways, patios, or a walled-off garden area – you won’t have to mess with the stones for years.

Stonework is long lasting and requires little to no maintenance. You can even use gravel to fill in the areas around the stones and create unique definition. This project can be completed by our professional staff or done by savvy DIY people.

  • Play to Your Strengths

The easiest way to make Olathe landscaping complex is to force things. Large changes will always require a lot of maintenance. If you want a solid landscape without a lot of effort, play to your strengths.

If you have large trees throughout your landscape, find ways to highlight them. Maybe build a stonewall patio near one of them. If you have a large backyard, maybe consider creating an Olathe outdoor kitchen to take up some of the space.

  • Focus on Foliage

Flowers require effort. Shrubs and foliage do not. Focus on foliage if you want to keep things maintenance-free. You won’t have to do much with your shrubs other than the occasional trimming each season.

  • Leave It to the Pros

The biggest and best landscaping tip we can give you is this: if you’re looking to keep maintenance low, then let the professionals handle the big projects for you. Take care of the small stuff and let Olathe landscapers handle the large projects.

Need an Olathe retaining wall installed? Don’t do it yourself! That’s a recipe for disaster and a lot of maintenance in the future. Call the pros at Huston Contracting and let our staff handle this big project for you.