Why Olathe Retaining Wall Installation Is So Important

Olathe retaining wall installation has garnered considerable importance over the years. Due to the uneven terrain in parts of our city, many yards have required a retaining wall for a variety of reasons.

Often, we install retaining walls in Olathe homes to solve a problem. A problematic slope needs conquering or aesthetics of a space need improved. The problem with these problem-solving solutions is mathematic. A structure designed to hold back tons upon tons of dirt offers no room for error.

What is a Retaining Wall?

Other than a bad idea for a DIY project, a retaining wall is essentially a structure built to hold dirt or land. Often, these structures remove precarious slopes from a yard, offer safety or improve the look of Olathe landscaping.

Normally, a retaining wall has six main components. Different materials may offer changes, but usually, these six aspects are present in every wall:

  • Drainage Stone
  • Filter Fabric
  • Batter
  • Weep Hole
  • Footing
  • Footing Drain

Retaining Wall Materials

There are many materials one can use during an Olathe retaining wall installation. Popular materials include:

  • Timbers
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Poured Concrete
  • Interlocking Concrete Blocks

While we don’t recommend DIY Olathe retaining wall installation projects due to the intricate nature of the math, you can attempt to do so. The best materials for DIY retaining wall include timbers and interlocking concrete blocks.

Poured concrete is not usually an option for a DIY, but the material is durable and offers great flexibility in design for many interested in Olathe retaining wall installation.

Traditional Olathe retaining walls often are made of masonry. Materials like stone, brick, and concrete blocks are all common place. However, your best bet is hiring a professional Olathe landscaper to create a wall with these materials. At Huston Contracting, we have a number of masonry styling to choose from when designing your wall.

Awesome Olathe Retaining Wall Projects

There are number of ways to add a wall to your landscaping. Some of our favorites include:

  • Stairs to sidewalk or another part of property
  • Creating a terrace in the backyard
  • Making a terrace
  • Creating a driveway

Upgrading Your Structure

It’s easy to take an old retaining wall from funky to fresh with a little professional help. Often, we upgrade old walls through a few different processes, including:

  • Smoothing Stucco
  • Staining
  • Adding Veneer

Captain Save-A-Wall

Not every retaining wall can be saved. Often, redoing the wall, not revamping it, is what needs to happen, but we certainly can try to save your wall. Occasionally, a wall suffering from the below can be brought back to life:

  • Cracking
  • Leaning
  • Bulging
  • Sagging

Olathe Retaining Wall Installation

If you’re looking for any Olathe retaining wall installation services or repairs, we hope you’ll get in touch. At Huston Contracting, we have perfected the art of the retaining wall. We look forward to helping you with any and every Olathe landscape project.

9 Springtime Tips for Olathe Landscaping

Spring has sprung, the frost is gone, and you’re ready to whip your yard back into tiptop shape. It’s time to get out in the sun and get green.

With that in mind, here are 9 springtime tips for Olathe landscapers:

Do Some Research

Don’t just start pulling weeds and planting pretty things. You need to do a little research before you get out there. Plan out a strategy, set some goals for your desired look, ask for guidance from a nursery, or hire a professional Olathe landscaper.

Understand the Climate

The first part of any research should involve the weather. You can’t put too much time into your landscaping until the frost is completely gone. One frost could hinder all your landscaping efforts.

Look Into Pests

Understand that there are many a pest after your beautiful landscaping. You need to think of insects and animals, along with weather, water, and the sun. Many times proper natural planting can ward off these uninvited visitors.

Find Inspiration

Inspiration is what you need to make sure your landscaping is ideal. Take a look at neighboring yards. Think back to the stunning greenery you saw on your winter vacation to a warmer climate. Even watching a little HGTV can help you figure out exactly what you want.

Growth On Growth

Many beginning Olathe landscapers forget one important factor: plants GROW! You need to estimate how large a plant will be 5-8 months down the road, not in a few weeks. Read the height and growth requirements of any plant and make sure you allot proper space.

Right Timing

Another must when it comes to landscaping in Olathe is timing. You need to listen when a package says a plant should be planted at a certain time. This isn’t a rough idea. It’s what you must do if the plant will grow and bloom properly.

Decide Your Effort Levels

Plants are pretty. Some more than others. As well, some plants take more care and maintenance than others. Don’t select your Olathe landscaping solely on looks. You may end up with greenery that requires much more maintenance and care than you would ever want to handle.

Hire the Best Olathe Landscapers

Finally, if you’re fully committed to creating the best outdoors space possible – you may want to hire an Olathe landscaper. Now, we don’t mean to be too modest, but here at Huston Contracting, we do fancy ourselves, the best landscapers in Olathe.

If you have any questions about landscaping or are looking for Olathe landscaping services, we hope to be of service to you. Get in touch here. We look forward to discussing your Olathe landscape project.

Celebrating 50 Years!

50th-anniversary-logoToday, April 5th is the official day of our company’s incorporation in 1966. On this day, we recognize 50 years of doing business in Olathe and Johnson County. We are extremely grateful for all God has allowed us to accomplish.

We would like to thank all of those who have been employed with us in past years as well as all of those who faithfully serve with us today. We are proud to have spent our entire 50 years in the community called Olathe. I would like to thank the Government Officials, along with the many Community Leaders who have endeavored to cultivate an environment in which we could grow and prosper. We would also like to thank the many friends we have developed over all of these years. Your common sense approach coupled with insight, intellect, and business acumen have contributed immeasurably. Thank you!

We have survived a multitude of economic conditions. They taught us fortitude, patience, and perseverance to sustain our business. It has been a blessing for us to give back to our community in many different ways. How easy we all forget the blessings from God. Reasoning in our own minds that we accomplished this by ourselves. May it never be!

God Bless,
Doug and Mary Huston