What Type of Olathe Winter Landscaping Can Be Done This Winter?

The first frost is right around the corner. The weather has took a turn. It’s getting colder. Fall is in full-swing, and winter isn’t far behind. For most people, this means hot chocolate and a little heat coming from the fireplace.

But you’re not most people. You’re a landscaper. You’re glistening green lawn is always on your mind. You want to have the best Olathe landscaping in the area. So you know that waiting until spring isn’t going to happen.

You need some winter landscaping tips to tide you over. Luckily, we’re Olathe landscaping addicts, too. It’s what we do best here at Huston Contracting.

What Type of Olathe Winter Landscaping Can Be Done This Winter? 5 Tips & Tricks

With that in mind, we’ve detailed a few Olathe landscaping tips and tricks for those with a “green thumb” that don’t mind a little cold weather.

Let’s dive in:

Keep Water Running

Your fountains, ponds, and waterfalls don’t have to go lifeless in the winter months. When the rest of your landscape is lifeless, your water fixtures can provide needed movement.

Just grab a de-icer, an aerator, and water heater. Your ponds and waterfalls will be able to keep running year around. The continuous moving water will be an eye-catcher in the winter months when other landscaping elements don’t draw much attention.

Winter Blooms

You can plant flowers and plants that bloom around the wintertime, too. Not every plant around your landscaping needs to bloom in the spring.

Add some Blue Holly, Winter Hazel, or Camellia to your landscaping. These plants will bloom in the winter months, which ensures a little color around your lawn while it’s cold outside. Certain red berries also bloom in the cold and can look stunning in the snow.

Your “Hardscaping”

What is hardscaping around your lawn? These are items like benches, chairs, garden fixtures, and outdoor kitchens. While plants often don’t grow in the winter, you can make any fixtures upgrades needed during this time.

Another benefit of upgrading fixtures in the winter? You can focus on focal points without all that lush greenery in the way. Many times, this will help homeowners find the ideal focal point for their landscape when the plants come back to life.

Use Lighting

There’s a reason Christmas lights have gained popularity over the years. Because lighting allows us to add beauty and coloring to the landscape in the winter time.

However, there are other ways to add lighting than Christmas lights. Think about using different lights around your lawn to highlight certain aspects of your landscaping. This can add an impressive focal point to your lawn when done properly.

Plan & Prepare

Finally, you can plan and prepare for the spring. There’s only so much you can do in the winter. As spring rolls around, you’ll have more landscaping opportunities. So take some time to think about your lawn and how you want it to look.

Next, get in touch with our team here at Huston Contracting. We’ll listen to your landscaping idea, offer suggestions, and see if we can help you create the Olathe landscape of your dreams in the coming months!

Designing the Olathe Landscape of Your Dreams: The Vision

It’s time. You’ve been an Olathe landscaper for years now. You invested in the outdoor kitchen. You built that stunning pond and had a professional install an ideal retaining wall. Now, it’s time to take things to the next level.

It’s time to design the Olathe landscape of your dreams. So, how do you start? Well, first you need a vision. You have to have a plan. You need to think long-term and possibly work with professionals.

The Beginning

At Huston Contracting, we know creating the perfect landscape takes a lot of thinking, effort, and energy. That’s where we come in. As professional Olathe landscapers, we’re here to help you design the ideal landscape.

Here’s how:

Make a Plan

First, you need to have a plan. You must think about the focal points of your landscape and how to design around them.

Ideally, you find two focal points. One in the front and one in the back. For many homeowners, a stunning outdoor kitchen or water fixture is ideal in the backyard. The front landscaping can be a little more difficult.

Many homeowners find working with a professional landscape designer can make things easier in the front of their landscape. A designer can help families design a unique plan that places their focal point at the forefront of their landscape.

Cover the Basics

Once your focal point is built into your long-term landscaping plan, you need to make sure your basics are covered. If you’re an Olathe landscaping addict like many of our clients, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

To begin, focus on the lawn. The greener, the better. Always with a fresh cut. Next, move to bushes and shrubbery. Keep things tidy and fresh looking. Once you have these basics covered, move on to plants and flowers.

Bring the Details

Once your focal point and basics are covered, your landscaping vision should be clear. So what’s next? The details. The details of a landscape are what can make or break things. If you pay attention to details, you could have the best landscaping in the city. Skip this step and your lawn won’t look lavish.

Every landscape has different details. Maybe it’s a bench here or a flower bed there. Maybe you keep plants so meticulous that every person in the neighborhood notices. Or you could have a unique water fixture that others simply can’t compete with.

Bring Your Dream to Life

No matter your Olathe landscaping dream, we can help you make it a reality. At Huston Contracting, we specialize in creating landscaping tailor-made to your exact your ideas and specifications.

Just get in touch today! Your landscaping vision is waiting on one phone call.